PP225 - The Flag Halyard Chair


Flagline is on of our essential products. Flagline is widely used for seat braiding on some of the most praised classics in Danish funiture design. Flagline is developed specifically to withstand the weight and strain in wide seats, without stretching or breaking.
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Braids of different patterns and textures


Since the early days of Producing, Braiding has been a core element in creating unique products for our clients. Braiding has a wide number of possibilities when it comes to customization, play with colors, materials and patterns and create unique designs to match your needs or designs. When Braiding, it is possible to cover almost any kind of flexible core such at electrical wire, soft tubing and of course a regular textile core.

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Århus Possementfabrik offer a wide range possibilities within the area of twisted cords. Ranging from in thickness from 2-30 mm. we are able to customize in several materials, and in small ang large quantities.
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With a wide selection of weawing equipment, Århus Possementfabrik offers several types of narrow band weaving, rangeing from higly technical to fully ornamental bands.
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Decorative Trimmings

Decorative trimmings and have ben used all the way through history when a high end and luxury look is needed. At Århus Possementfabrik we carry a Selected collection of our most popular products, but  are able to costumize decorative trimmings to almost any need.

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