Our Story

Århus Possementfabrik is one of the oldest functioning production companies in Aarhus. With more than 100 years of working in and around the city of Aarhus, we have been a part of the city's
history over the past century, and are proud of still be able to produce and supply some of the best products our area of expertise has to offer

100th anniversary


Århus Possementfabrik is founded in central Århus by Belgian immigrant Conrad Gloggengieser.
The production of cords and band is all done by hand, on manual looms and spinninglanes



Århus Possementfabrik is expropriated due to urban renewal of the central city, and moves the production to new facilities in northern Århus. the same year, the company hires a new deliveryboy Called Henrik Povlsen, and shortly thereafter he starts as a trimming maker apprentice.

In 1965 Henrik Povlsen finishes the final exam with distinction. He is the only Trimmingmaker apprentice to graduate, and the last to receive the formal education before it is closed down.
At this time, machines has begun to take over the role of the trimmingmakers, and only custom products are still made by hand.



The Company which now has changed its name to Scan Aprima an has evolved to be a wholesaler of products for upholstery and furniture industry.

Henrik Povlsen, who has been functioning at production manager for several years, takes over the company with two partners, when the Gloggengieser family wishes to sell.

The Trimmings production, is now the last one existing in Denmark.

Once again, the company moves to new facilities to accommodate the need for more space.


Henrik Povlsen, Buys the Trimmings production from Scan Aprima, and starts up in a new location in Lystrup under the old name, Århus Possementfabrik

Produktion P.O. pedersens vej.jpg


Århus Possementfabrik is appointed as purveyor to her majesty the Queen of Denmark, and thereby, the company joins a small, selected group of companies with strong ties to the royal Danish court.



Henrik's son, Jesper Povlsen joined the company in 2001, and have taken over responsibility of of several areas of production.

Henrik now entrusts the running of the company to his Jesper and his daughter in law Sanne Møller Povlsen, in a generational change.
Henrik stays in the company part time with responsibility of special productions.